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Send Free SMS in Pakistan 100% Working



send free sms in pakistan without number

Send Free SMS in Pakistan 100% Working

Send Free SMS in Pakistan 100% Working is now available in Pakistan and you send free SMS in Pakistan without the showing your number.

  • First Step

free sms in pakistan

  • Second Step

free sms to pakistani number

  • 3rd Step

send free sms to pakistani number

  • Finally

send text in pakistan free


Now you can send free sms without mobile number and it is working for only Pakistani user not need any registration, just install the app from play store and type you sms and click on send you have done and you will receive sms in just some second.

How To Install Send Free SMS in Pakistan App:

here is very easy step to download and install free sms app, just follow the installation link from blow and click on it the you will bi gone on google play store and click on install this app you have successfully installed the app.

How To Use App?

when you have done for installation then open the app and first type your massage and inter your mobile that you want to send sms and click on send button and you have sent massage.

Download App: Free SMS To Pakistan

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Whatsapp Plus apk download 2019 latest


WHATSAPP PLUS APK: Nowadays everyone uses Whatsapp Messenger for connecting with his or her family friends and even for business communications. As Whatsapp is really easy and very simple to use to stay compared with all, Also you can share Images Audio Video and documents etc.

Whatsapp Plus apk download 2019 latest
In Whatsapp Messenger, you can communicate one on one or also you can create groups up to 100 people.

As Whatsapp is growing invariably many developers are showing their interest in modifying it. As of now many Whatsapp Messenger mods are available is market in which Whatsapp Plus is the most favourite one.


‌As already told that it is a modified application or Unofficially version of Whatsapp in which many features, I.e. Hide last seen, media sharing limit and many others which are mentioned below. “Whatsapp Plus” is that the best mod version of Whatsapp by victimisation you’ll do several belongings you cannot knock off official Whatsapp courier. Below I’m going to describe all the fantastic features of WhatsApp Plus.


In this section, we’ll be covering all the features of Whatsapp plus apk that are in Whatsapp plus download and ready to use. Also, we make a comparison between Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus apk features so that you can have a complete idea about Whatsapp Plus apk.

Read all features before download WhatsApp plus apk.

  • Original Whatsapp comes with the green icon, but Whatsapp plus apk comes with a blue image that can also change with some more figures.
  • ‌50 MB video limit, Yes you see right you can increase video limit up to 50 MB in Whatsapp Plus, but in default WhatsApp, it is only 15 MB.
  • ‌Ohh shit! No more ten pictures in a single time in Whatsapp but Yes! You can send more than ten pictures in only time by using Whatsapp Plus Apk.
  • ‌You can’t change the background colour in official app, but in WhatsApp plus app, you can change your chat background colour, notification background colour etc., so you can make your chat background according to your choice by using the unusual feature.
  • ‌Now share pictures in Original size.No more reduced picture quality in Whatsapp plus apk, but in Whatsapp, the messenger picture quality is reduced.
  • ‌The most lovable feature of Whatsapp Plus apk is customisation. Yes, you can customise the theme of your Whatsapp. Change status bar, chat rows, Contacts list and all that aren’t possible in original Whatsapp.
    ‌Different Status for Different people? Yes! You can show different status with various contacts, means you can set a healthy state with your family members, and you can set a romantic situation for your girlfriend. So this feature is fantastic for most people.
  • ‌The best feature in it’s that you simply don’t get to open your friend’s profile for reading their standing. You can browse their standing whereas chatting with her/him
  • ‌You will amendment ticks/bubbles vogue consistent with your selection.
  • ‌Also working in android marshmallow, some of mod apk apps only work in Android KitKat and jelly bean versions, but the latest version of WhatsApp plus apk is also working in android marshmallow devices.
    ‌And far more, which you can see after download Whatsapp plus apk and installing it.

Is it safe to use Whatsapp Plus Apk?

Many readers will surely ask that is it safe you use Whatsapp Plus or Download Whatsapp Plus apk as it is unofficial and not supported by Whatsapp? However, Yes it is entirely safe to download and use Whatsapp Plus apk. One of the central and core features of Whatsapp Plus apk is Anirban. So No Ban issue, sometimes you face ban issues in some modded applications, but it is ban free apk.

How to use Whatsapp Plus

In this section, we’ll tell you how to use Whatsapp Plus apk step by step on your Android Phone.

1. transfer WhatsApp and Apk from below transfer section.


2. visit settings and check Unknown Sources thus you’ll install third party application on your automaton phone.
3. Now open your Whatsapp and take a chat backup so that no chat loss while migrating to Whatsapp plus Apk.
4. Uninstall Whatsapp courier and Install Downloaded WhatsApp and apk.
5. Enter your number that you were using in Orignal WhatsApp, and it will automatically detect and prompt to restore chat back up.
5. Do chat back up and Enjoy Whatsapp Plus on your Android.

Whatsapp Plus FAQ

Q. Whatsapp plus apk is official App?
A. No. It is an unofficial modified apk of WhatsApp.
Q. area unit all options mentioned out there in Whatsapp Messenger?
A. No solely changed WhatsApp consumer can have these options.
Q. Is WhatsApp and updated to latest base update?
A. Of course, it’s Update to Latest base and often changes once every Whatsapp Update.
Q. End to End protection is available?
A. Yes, the end to end protection is there in Whatsapp Plus.
Q. Is there any privacy concern?
A. No, as all knowledge area unit on Official WhatsApp server.
Q. Any possibilities of obtaining ban from victimisation Whatsapp?
A. No, it’s a ban proof WhatsApp mod. So no chance of getting banned.
If any other queries, please post in comments. We will love to answer your questions.

Download Whatsapp Plus Apk

Many users didn’t find the correct download link, apk of WhatsApp plus so we are providing working and correct WhatsApp plus apk download link.
Click below to download Whatsapp plus v3.70 apk latest version
If you liked this text, please do share together with your friends.

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King IPhone Xray App Free Download




King iPhone Xray App Free Download

king iPhone xray app is another name of nomao camera xray app, this is a famous and real body scanner xray app that scan body and remove clothes, he is famous for his xray features that are amazing but nowadays we cannot find the real nomao xray app, there are so many clones are on the internet, today I will give you real xray app that working some phones,

Iphone Xray App

What is Kind Iphone Xray App?

let’s talk about king iPhone xray app that is another name of the nomao camera but if you have used the nomao camera then I don’t need to tell you more about the nomao camera, when you open the nomao xray camera you can see everyone is naked yes its

true but find first real nomao camera,

How to Download Nomao Or King iPhone xray app?

this is iphone xray camera app nomao

It is straightforward to download and install iPhone xray app just you need to right place for downloading, here is I will teach you how you can easily download xray app for iPhone free and working, Just Click on Download link and install this app from google play store here is download link in the at the end of this article,

Conclusion about xray app:

when you have installed this app then you need to check this is working or not if you have not worked then write a review and give him 5 starts with your mobile phone model and tell him to make it supported for my phone, I hope you will don’t need more help we will happy if you have success to download app. thank you

Here is Download Link:

Download Xray App 

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Android Studio Source Project/Code Download Free Zip




Android Studio Source Project/Code Download Free Zip

Android Studio Source Project/Code Download Free Zip How to Download Android Studio Source Code From CodeCanyon?

Today I will teach you how you can download Android Studio Source Project/Code free if you can earn money from Android apps and want to get 4000$ per month from AdMob then it is the good place that you come,

an android studio source code download is not free but here is I teach you how to download the android studio application source code in the zip file,

How to earn money from free apps android?

it is very simple to download free android apps source code from and and hire an android developer and give me money and tell him to reskin it and change full layout and also get him icon/images for play store, also tell him to add my AdMob ads in my application when he will give you full and ready app with google play store policy then create an play console account and publish your app on it and get money,

How to Make Admob Account free?

If you don’t have Admob Account then go to sign in or sign up and create an account and wait for fully activated account when AdMob account fully activated google send an email to your email address after you got activated email then go to your AdMob account and add an app and create AdMob ads unit id and give your android app developer,

How to Hire and Android Apps Developer?

if you want to hire application developer then you can find on,, ,

also, you can find on Facebook,

How to Download Andriod Application Code?

Finally, you can get unlimited Android Studio Source Code From CodeCanyon you don’t need to buy apps code only go to and download your code and do reskin and publish on google play store and earn money and be rich I also getting 2k$/3k$ per month from AdMob, if you have any question then comment here thank you.



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